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Weekly Announcements - September 27th

Happy Thursday!


On Saturday, September 29th from 11:30am - 12:30pm, we'll convene at the intersection of Olive and 270 in Creve Coeur. We'll have signs, but you're welcome to bring your own that uplift the message that Black Lives Matter. 

Afterwards, please join us at Crushed Red (11635 Olive Blvd) for lunch. Please note -- this is a new location chosen to accommodate requests for a broader range of dietary and accessibility needs among our members.


  • Monday, October 1st. 5:30pm - 7:30pm. Parkway UCC (2841 North New Ballas Road). The ASSIST team is hosting a meeting for Parkway parents, students, and community members to discuss school discipline in the district.

  • Saturday, October 6th. 1:00pm - 2:00pm. Kaldi's in Chesterfield. The ASSIST Team is hosting a meeting to hear updates on regional work on school discipline reform.


  • If you live in House District 70, 89, 98, 100, or 101 or Senate District 26, the Policing Team needs your help! They are conducting candidate interviews about racial justice and policing. If you're interested in meeting with a candidate from your district, please e-mail us as with the subject "Policing Team Meeting."

  • Our Voting Rights Team has finished their participation in the trial in Jeff City this week regarding Missouri's new voter photo ID rules. We eagerly await the results of the trial next week and thank them for their work thus far.

In Solidarity,

Nicole + Ashley

WE CAN Co-Leads

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