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Voting Rights Lawsuit Update

Hello fellow members of our Community Action Network,

Trish and Jake here from WE CAN's Voting Rights organizing team.

As many of you are aware, several weeks ago WE CAN's Leadership Team unanimously approved WE CAN joining a pending lawsuit against Missouri's new voter photo ID rules as an organizational plaintiff. The lawsuit claims - correctly, in our opinion - that Missouri's new photo ID rules unjustly and unconstitutionally restrict the right to vote for hundreds of thousands of Missouri voters, including people of color, women, people with lower incomes, students, older adults, trans folx, and people with disabilities. 

The trial for this lawsuit took place over three days last week (September 24th, 25th, and 26th), and oral arguments took place this past Monday, October 1st. We expect a decision from the judge later this week or early next week, although we do not have a precise date for when this decision will be handed down. This said, it is very possible that this case will end up before the Missouri Supreme Court, regardless of the ruling. 

We were able to attend the trial last week, along with a couple of other members of our Community Action Network. We were proud to testify on behalf of our organization to highlight the variety of ways we've witnessed this law creating confusion and difficulties for Missouri voters. We affirmed on the stand that we collectively pursue our voting rights work because we value racial justice, which necessitates a racially equitable voting landscape. 

But, our Voting Rights team's contributions to this case extend well beyond the testimony we offered last week. The work that so many of you participated in not only heightened public awareness of this critical issue, but it also connected us to many voters affected by this law, some of whom ended up testifying as witnesses in this case. 

Let there be no doubt: we exemplified through our collective Voting Rights team's efforts over these last two years how true, grassroots community organizing can bend the constitutional and political arc of an entire state towards justice for its most vulnerable citizens. 

To everyone who has participated in and/or supported the work of our Voting Rights team to date: thank you. Much lies ahead - with this case and to further secure the right to vote for all citizens of Missouri - and we look forward to working towards it, together.

We will update you later this week. Please send any questions via email to

In Solidarity,

Trish and Jake

Co-Leads, WE CAN's Voting Rights Team

P.S. Check out this news coverage about the lawsuit. 

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