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Our Work


Works to create racially just school districts. Based on Ferguson Commission Report recommendations, they focus on school discipline reform.

To learn more, contact the co-leads, Joy and Madhav at


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Works to engage in racial justice efforts communally through active community engagement, one-on-one meetings with folks interested in WE CAN's work, and community presentations about our work in West County.

To join or help build our community, contact Leadership Team Member, Nicole, at

Reach Out

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Works to share the message that Black Lives Matter through weekly Saturday vigils from 11:30am - 12:30pm at rotating locations. 

Check out our upcoming events or e-mail Ashley or Nicole, WE CAN Co-Chairs, at to find out where we'll be this week! 



Works with West County police departments to evaluate policies and practices with their "scorecard," advocates for anti-bias training, and manages a website to track the use of Prop P funds for public safety.

To learn more, contact the co-lead, Jim at



Works to hold individuals and institutions accountable for racial injustice while working in collaboration with those most affected.

If you or someone you know would benefit from WE CAN's support, please contact Leadership Team Member, Sydni, at


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Works to ensure Missourians have the right to vote through statewide advocacy for election protection, engagement of disenfranchised voters, and accountability for the Secretary of State's office as they implement new voter photo ID rules.

To learn more, contact the co-lead, Jake, at

Voting Rights

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